Delivering business focussed IT Solutions

OCS delivers a variety of solutions enabling clients to maintain competitive advantage and customer satisfaction, including:

Web Solutions

The web has become the most powerful infrastructure in support of business development and growth for insurance business. Currently undervalued and underutilised, OCS have created an end to end set of solutions that support the winning of customers, the efficient processing of business and secure delivery of information complying with service and regulatory requirements. Web development, on-line application, straight through data process, document management, secure document access are all solutions designed to improve business performance.

Document Solutions

Most SME companies cannot justify the large investment most document management systems require and in addition these systems are generic and solve the problem of document management full stop. OCS’ document solution is designed for the small insurance broker in mind. All the features of a document management system scanning, logging and delivering documents through a central document system but also integration with insurance system supporting electronic document submission to standard to aid process and efficiency.

Insurance Messaging

OCS has been delivering a wide range of business focused IT services to the insurance industry, from early claims, payments and treaty EDI messaging to the latest market solutions for accounting, settlement and ECF using ACORD standards in the London Market and Polaris imarket integration and accreditation for commercial, OCS remain at the centre of helping companies embrace these developments.

Business Computing

Whether you are a large corporate with significant investment in IT infrastructure or a SME with a local network and exchange you know the real value of technology is not how it can support you but how it can help you develop and grow your business by delivering solutions that attract new clients, satisfy compliance, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Agile Project Solutions

In an environment where IT delivery is becoming less and less flexible and
responsive to business needs, OCS continues to help its clients maintain their market position by delivering IT solutions rapidly using up to date Rapid Application Development (RAD) methods.

Some example client assignments are listed below detailing OCS’ range of Insurance services delivered over the last two decades:

  • Police Mutual Assurance SocietyBespoke development of an on-line financial account consolidation using Microsoft .NET technology
  • Volume, Stress and Load testing of various web based systems using Mercury LoadRunner and Empirix software for on-line insurance applications
  • International Domestic Insurer – Provided the knowledge and experience to facilitate the introduction
    of Rapid Application Development techniques, introduced new standards and methods to support RAD, developed and delivered training courses and coaching, provided individuals to not only undertake business critical work, but also provide longevity through skills transfer
  • International Insurance Group – Provision of project management consultancy to manage a twenty-five man team on a 200+ man-year project undertaking the analysis, design, development and implementation of twelve core business applications
  • Requirements Analysis for a major insurance broker undertaken by OCS’ specialist Insurance Business Analysts
  • Supply of a Testing and Accreditation Service for a UK based Insurance Standards Organisation
  • Supporting a business critical Commercial Property insurance broking application for a major International Insurance Group, requiring technical skills no longer strategic to the clients changing enviornment
  • For an Insurance Run Off Organisation – provision of coaching and training based on GUI development techniques. Design and development of a Claims and Notifications application for insolvent company risk management and reinsurance
  • Project Management of a 30 man team for an International Personal Lines Insurance Group undertaking the development of an on-line policy administration project
  • The development of an Electronic Information System for one of the UK’s largest composite insurers
  • OCS has been working closely with a London Market Insurance Company and were invited to take overall project management responsibility for the delivery of a range of services, including: support, upgrading of business applications and the provision of
    specialist technical consultancy.

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