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Storming specialist underwriting market during challenging times

OCS has once again made technology work for a leading underwriting company.  The client’s challenge was how could they directly engage with the Risk.  In an ever increasingly competitive and global market, the client was looking at how they get their services out to a broader audience in a more timely and cost effective manner.  The result is an innovative online business platform that will enable the underwriter to directly engage with organisations to cover their risks.

OCS brought a number of critical successes to the online business platform, which included leading technology enablement and integration, transparent and effective management, versatility, flexibility with an adherence to delivery schedules and milestones.  Capturing the core business objectives, OCS identified the key business requirements and established a user case library.  Working as a collaborative team with business and internal IT people actively engaged, OCS via a series of short implementation iterations delivered the first production release within 3 months.  Two further releases have been scoped with the first delivered 4 weeks later and the second scheduled to follow a month later.

OCS’ project director, Brick Du Bourg, said “I was confident throughout due to a combination of proven implementation methodologies, OCS’ best practice, such as Agile and JAD.  Further the team’s capability to identify and learn enabling tools, such as the latest Business Process Modelling (BPM) tools, coupled with latest Microsoft .NET customisations ensured user engagement as results were obtained quickly – the client’s users could see their visualisations coming to fruition.”

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